Bailey's Grove Kentwood MI
Bailey's Grove Community Features
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Bailey's Grove is one of the premier planned communities in West Michigan, and the community features included in it's development is what makes Bailey's Grove Stand out from the rest. Below is a map of Bailey's Grove that you can reference to find each one of the community features.

Bailey's Grove has miles of walking trails alongside the roads, and throughout the community. These trails connect most of the homes to the Clubhouse, Park, Endeavor Elementary School and other areas. The walking trails are located in the map as the Blue Lines.

Bailey's Grove Clubhouse is also home to Bailey's Grove Community Pool. The clubhouse is used for both community events and is available for rent for private events. For more information, visit the BGPOA website. Bailey's Grove Clubhouse and Community Pool is at the Blue Shaded are on the map.

Bailey's Grove Community Pool is right next to the Clubhouse. Bailey's Grove Community Pool is an outdoor pool, and is open during the summer. It is available to Bailey's Grove residents via a membership. There are many types of memberships ranging from 1 day passes to summer family passes.
To know more about the pool, visit the BGPOA website

More Community Features Below the Map
Bailey's Grove Community Features in a larger map

Endeavor Elementary School was integrated into Bailey's Grove during the planning stages of the Community. It is a Kentwood Public Schools Elementary School. For more information about the local schools visit our Local Schools Page. The walking trails of Bailey's Grove lead to the School and the East Paris Nature Park is directly to the South of the School. Endeavor Elementary School is shaded in Red on the map.

The Businesses of Bailey's Grove are located on the North Side of Bailey's Grove along 52nd Street. There are nearly a dozen businesses in the mall, and most are locally owned and operated. To view the 52nd Street businesses, or other businesses that relate to Bailey's Grove, visit our Bailey's Grove Businesses page. The Businesses of Bailey's Grove are in the Purple shaded area on map.

Bailey's Grove Community Park is a large open park located at the heart of Bailey's Grove. The main feature of the park is the large open gazebo located in the middle of the park. The gazebo is also available for private events. For more information about the Gazebo in Bailey's Grove Community Park, visit the BGPOA website.
The park is shaded in Yellow on the map.

East Paris Nature Park is located on the Corner or East Paris Ave and 60th Street. The park is owned and managed by the City of Kentwood. The park features natural wetlands surround by a shelter with picnic tables and handicap accessible trails and a path along 60th St leads back to Bailey's Grove walking trails. In 2004, students from Endeavor Elementary School helped raise funds for several trees planted with the East Paris Nature Park.
The park is shaded in Green on the map.