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Selling Your Home or Condo in Bailey's Grove
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Bailey's Grove Real EstateWhen Selling Your Home in Bailey's Grove, knowledge is power. Dan Sundberg with Crystal Springs Real Estate LLC has studied the Bailey's Grove Market, and has developed a Unique Marketing Strategy for Homes and Condos within Bailey's Grove.

We utilize many web based tools, as well as more traditional techniques such as direct mail and open houses. With our web based tools, we're able to advertise on dozens of websites, creating a webpage unique to your home, and starting in 2010, we'll be creating "mobile web" pages for each home we have listed as well. We also list all our homes on the Grand Rapids Association of Realtors® MLS to maximize your homes exposure to buyers.

Bailey's Grove CondoTo help educate you about the current Bailey's Grove Real Estate market,we provide monthly market reports, and a free, no obligation consultation about your home's value and our marketing strategy. If selling isn't for you, we also have property management services to help you rent your home out. To find out more about renting your home visit our rental page.

For a Free Monthly Market Report, or a free, no obligation consultation about your home's value,
Call Dan Sundberg at 616-855-1905 or email him at

If Your facing emminent foreclosure, we can help. We've had lots of experience in helping people deal with emminent foreclosure. In many cases, the best option may be to sell your home via "Short Sale". A "Short Sale" is a way in which you sell your home for less than what you owe on it, and the bank agrees to a "Short Payoff", and in ideal cases forgives the difference between what you owe, and what they accept for a payoff. We have successfully negotiated many "Short Sales" to a successful outcome over the last few years.

If your facing emminent foreclosure,
call Dan Sundberg at 616-855-1905 or email him at